Our work

We only create projects that make the world a better place.

This Changes Everything

- Mirvac
A sustainability strategy, a big mission on a page and a story the whole business can get behind.

The 202020 Vision

- Horticulture Australia
See how we’ve brought together 150 organisations to create 20% more green space in urban areas by 2020


- MobileMuster
There are 23 million old mobile phones in drawers around Australia. Our mission is to recycle every one of them.

Garage Sale Trail

- A home grown project
Garage sales all over Australia on one big day. Winner of the Green Globe award and many others.

Tails for Whales

See how we redesigned the humble petition to create the world's first visual one.

Head of Sustainability

- Unilever
Bringing the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to Australia.

Wealth of Opportunity

- National Australia Bank
Creating the NAB corporate responsibility strategy.

Vote For The Reef

A global call to arms to support UNESCO in their support for the Great Barrier Reef.

Greenpeace v Coca-Cola

- Greenpeace
Our Greenpeace advertisement that took Coca-Cola to task over the way plastic bottles kill sea life.


- Meat & Livestock Australia
Taking farmers’ sustainability endeavours to the people via a new food philosophy.

Vote 1 The Greens

- The Australian Greens
What started with an ad on the Gruen Transfer went on to become a national election campaign.

The Hot Potato

- Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
A TV movie to help cool the conversation on asylum-seekers, the hot potato of Australian politics.

New home for a conservation elder

- Nature Conservation Council NSW
A new website and a new improved vision, mission and purpose.

Meet Your Maker

- Ethical Clothing Australia
Ever wondered who made those clothes you're wearing? Let us introduce you.

The Wait is Over

- National Assn of People With HIV Australia
A new website and a new campaign to help support those in need to start treatment earlier.

Dollars for Collars

How do you make rabies something people care about?

Toast to Freedom

- Amnesty International
A how-to guide for throwing a celebration worthy of Amnesty International's 50th birthday.

Forté by Lend Lease

- Lend Lease
Introducing the world’s tallest timber apartment building.

Fair Trade Fortnight

- FairTrade
Our campaign with the Fairtrade Foundation to increase awareness of Fairtrade products.

Grow it Local

- A home grown project
Bringing together Australia’s back yard, balcony and windowsill farmers.


- Médecins Sans Frontières
The world’s first online humanitarian TV station, broadcast 24 hours a day.

Amnesty Burma

- Amnesty International
See how technology helped Amnesty push for free elections in Burma.

Kidney Health Australia

- Kidney Health Australia
Isn't it time you stopped taking your kidneys for granted?

Stop Whaling

Our timely and confronting reminder of the brutaility of whaling hits Sydney's streets.

The Open Plan

- Lend Lease Constructing
A sustainability strategy, launch, policies and targets for Australia’s number one construction company.

Say Yes

- Say Yes Australia
A message that united 9 NGOs and communicated the benefits of climate change to all Australians.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

- Cancer Council Australia
A fresh approach to one of the Cancer Council's most iconic events.

Fat Free TV

- Cancer Council Australia
How many calories are advertised to your children in one TV show? The Fat Free TV Guide let’s you find out.

Sustainable Packaging Design

- Neco
Package design and retail camapign for Australia's leading eco store.

Better Business Partnership

- Willoughby Council
The BBP supports business to learn, be inspired by and build business through sustainability.

Take the job out of job hunting

- Indigenous Jobs Australia
A campaign featuring indigenous comedian Sean Choolburra.