Videos: bring your story to life

When it comes to content that connects, nothing beats a video!

Whether it’s a snappy clip to interrupt social media scrolling; or a piece of rich storytelling that educates, entertains or uplifts your audience, a video is the perfect way to capture attention, generate engagement and establish a deeper connection than what can be achieved with imagery or copy alone.

  • Animation
  • Campaign videos
  • Social media – native and ad content
  • TV commercials
  • Report highlight reels
  • Sustainability communications


Restoring Australia

Through their Restoring Australia initiative, Officeworks plants two trees for every tree worth of paper-based products bought by customers in store.

To date, the partnership has planted a massive one million trees with a goal to plant two million trees across Australia by 2025.


Sustainable Seafood Week

Each year, Sustainable Seafood Week champions action to protect marine life. It celebrates the Australian fisheries, retailers, chefs and restaurants that support the mission to end overfishing, and ensure we have seafood forever.


On the Trail

Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s favourite annual festival of pre-loved stuff, dedicated to helping Australians extend the life of their stuff and find the ultimate pre-loved treasures.


Rethinking Sustainability in VR

Do you know what happens to the contents of your bin once the rubbish truck takes it away in the early hours of the morning?

Experience the journey yourself in 360!


Sustainability highlights

As a telecommunications company, Optus believe they have a distinct and unique role to play in creating tomorrow’s world.

Each year, we help Optus report on progress made towards their sustainability commitments. This video captures the highlights from the FY2020 report.


The Pact proposal

Woolworths’ green bags were are made from 80% recycled content, which is great… but the bags are imported from overseas.

What if Woolworths locally recycled and remade their own supermarket waste into customers carry bags?


The Greens ad

Everywhere we go, people want to know if we have been on Gruen. Yes, we have! Here’s what happened.

2010: Our ad became the de facto official Greens ad in the lead up to the 2010 federal election, creating a media and social media storm.


Flick the switch

2016: Our second appearance on TV was about stopping people from watching TV.


Save the bees

2018: Our third was a poignant ad to help save the bees.


Plant Life Balance home tour

Plant Life Balance educates and inspires everyday Australians to turn their homes into lush green jungles.

In this virtual home tour, we took the Plant Life Balance community behind the scenes of the eclectic and cosy home of Kitiya Palaskas.


Bring it Back

Did you know that Officeworks will take back and recycle e-waste, printer cartridges and other used office things?

Well, now you do!