Creating a new food philosophy for eco-ethical omnivores.

It features 100 initiatives to deliver sustainable cattle and sheep farming by 2020. It’s good stuff, all scientifically based. The problem is, in the world of celebrity chefs and Sam Kekovich, it’s not very consumer focussed and can lack the fun that generally comes when food meets the media.

What's included:

  • Concept 
  • Design & collateral
  • Digital
  • Social and event content
  • Integrated PR, via the Bravery

Introducing the Bettertarian

From paddock to the plate

To bridge the gap, we created the Bettertarian – one food philosophy to rule them all. Being a Bettertarian starts with a better understanding of where your food comes from – which means learning a little about Target 100. From there, celebrity chef Darren Robertson joined us to cook up the first Bettertarian meal.

Developed in partnership with our friends, The Bravery.

Watch our documentary 'Journey of a Bettertarian'

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