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Creating a sustainability leader

Frasers Property is one of Australia’s leading property groups, developing and managing residential, commercial, industrial and retail property across Australia.

Sustainability is essential in the built environment. It generates around a quarter of the world’s CO2) emissions and how our cities are designed and built determine our relationship with waste, waste, energy, community, resilience, how we work and how we play. So becoming a leader means considering a world of issues then finding ways to reduce negative impact and increase positive impact over time across every touchpoint of the business. Sustainability really is the business of a big developer like Frasers Property.

We started working with Frasers Property in 2016, running a materiality assessment then creating a sustainability strategy by running workshops across the business.

Next we worked with leaders of business units to set ambitious but achievable targets.

Creation of consistent messaging that feeds into the Frasers Property brand
and simplifies engagement

Simplified statements for employee and stakeholder engagement

Communications kit and engagement materials

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