Setting up a food leader to be a sustainability leader

The objective was to develop a comprehensive sustainability report based on GRI Standards.

We not only created one good-looking report, we helped Lion transition from G4 to GRI Standards by setting up a framework and processes for the 2017 report and beyond. Lion now has systems in place to make future reporting a breeze.

Motivated by the success of the 2017 report, Lion is even more committed to making an impact and involving all of its employees to achieve just that. We are currently working with Lion to drive a number of activities and events designed to engage employees. Stay tuned!

What's included:

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Design and Copy
  • Digital and Print
  • Stakeholder engagement

The report

The online version

Lion's latest sustainability report looks good on paper and on screen. Have a look yourself - you can find the report here. 

Stakeholder engagement

A strategy on a page is one of our tools of engagement. It lets all your stakeholders see what you are aiming to achieve in one page or wall poster. This is the one that features in Lion's sustainability report. 

More Projects

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