Nine NGOs fighting for one cause. Australia's biggest ever coalition-led advocacy campaign.

Back in 2011 the carbon tax was an idea needing political support.

Nine organisations, representing 3 million Australians, came together to galvanise popular support – and therefore political support – for putting a price on carbon pollution.

The result was the biggest collective impact campaign the Australia had ever seen. Featuring Michael Caton and Cate Blanchett, the campaign created a media frenzy.

Partly thanks to the Say Yes campaign, the carbon tax was supported by the Gillard Government. It was then repealed three years later by the Abbott Government and remains an unsolved policy space in the Australian political landscape today.


  • Campaign concept
  • Name and branding
  • Website
  • Digital advocacy platform
  • TV ad
  • National PR stunt

Media frenzy

The Say Yes campaign created one the biggest media stories of the year. Centred around Cate Blanchett, it was covered by possibly every media outlet in the country.

30" TV ad

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