See how we redesigned the humble petition to create the world's first global photo petition.

IFAW wanted a way to send a message to the leaders of the world that whales should be protected, not hunted. To accomplish this, we set about rethinking the humble petition and ended up creating the world’s first visual one, all thanks to the whale tail, an iconic hand position that almost everyone can do.

To get things started we took 500 photos of Australians and asked the world to take 500 more. They did that within 24 hours and things kept on growing.

Along the way a number of celebrities got involved including Amber Valetta, Daniel Johns, Pierce Brosnan and Kirstin Bauer.

What's included:

  • Concept
  • Design & collateral
  • TV ad
  • Digital
  • Social media outreach

To date, the campaign has been blogged about over 1,000 times, seen on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week, taken up by community groups all over the world, and in 2009, IFAW UK photographed every member of British Parliament making a whale tail.

Successful digital campaigning

Tails for Whales remains one of the world’s best know examples of successful digital campaigning and remains live today, 7 years after it began. We hope it will keep running as long as whales still need protecting.

Over 10,000 photos.

We assembled all the whale tail photos we had amassed, put them into finely bound books and placed them in the hands of the Australian prime minister, members of United States Congress and British Parliament.

Kindly supported by National Geographic Channel.

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