Collective impact meets shared value in Australia's leading sustainability impact campaign.

They are proven to cool our cities, make us more productive, improve health and wellbeing and take the strain off infrastructure by providing natural water drainage. So why is it that, as our urban areas grow, green space shrinks? The 202020 Vision aims to reverse this trend.

By bringing together over 100 organisations, including construction companies, health insurers, local and state government – as well as the UN Global Cities Program – we are creating media and conversation about the benefits of greener cities and working with our partners to help create them.

What's included:

  • Concept and campaign design
  • Partner outreach and onboarding
  • National mass-engagement tour
  • Communications and digital
  • Design and collateral
  • Integrated PR, via the Bravery
partners and advocates
projects listed
media reach

Watch the video:

Everything you need to help create green space.

The 202020 Vision website features the world’s biggest repository of tool and support for green space supporters. And the toolkit grows monthly.

Nationwide Masterclasses

Extensive media reach

Media reach to date is over 27 million and counting. Created in collaboration with our friends, The Bravery.

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