A national tour and mini-movie to help cool the conversation on asylum seekers.

Thrown around by one party to the other, it seems the only thing that everyone agrees on about asylum seekers is finding new ways to treat them less and less humanely. The Hot Potato was created for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We fitted out a van then sent it on a tour of Australia, handing our free potatoes in return for asking people to rethink their views on asylum seekers.

Supported by Imogen Bailey, Gotye, Julian Burnside, Jon Jarrett, Mark Seymour and others, the campaign and tour launched in Federation Square, Melbourne. It featured on the Project and the news.

What's included:

  • Concept
  • Design & collateral
  • Event management
  • Digital
  • TV movie
hot issue

Got time for a cuppa?

From the tour, we created a 45 minute documentary that shows change won’t be easy but, with persistence, it can happen.

The film launched at the Byron Bay film festival and remains ‘on tour’ until the cooler conversation – and policies – prevail.

Watch the 45 minute documentary.

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