Giving young people a sweet reason to enrol to vote

Climate is a global issue for Ben & Jerry’s. As they say about the planet, if it’s melted it’s ruined.

But how can one brand create an impact on such an enormous issue. We helped Ben & Jerry’s team up with the Australian Climate Coalition to find a potent way to create change all based on a simple insight, that young people are more likely to vote climate, but less likely to be enrolled to vote.

Armed with this information, we found that there are around 400,000 potential - but un-enrolled - young voters in Australia and set out to sign them up.

This is how we did it...


What's included:

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Charity partnership
  • Design
  • Event activation on campus
  • Ad campaign
  • Social media campaign
  • PR via The Bravery

The video case study

Solar powered ice cream bike

We built a solar powered ice cream bike then teamed up with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to hit O Weeks at Universities across Australia. The deal: pull out your phone, check you are enrolled - and enrol if you are not - and we’ll give you a free scoop of ice cream.

Campaign poster and In-store activation

In just six days we checked over 6,000 enrolments and signed up around 1,000 new climate voters. Then we took the campaign in store and signed up plenty more.

It’s good for brand because it gets Ben & Jerry’s out there among their core audience, standing for something they care about. And it’s good for the planet because it can move an election.

In 2016 the most marginal seat in Australia was won by just 37 votes, proving every vote really does count and that our new army of climate voters can make a change.


Event activation

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