Ben & Jerry's


Ben & Jerry’s global cause is climate.

But how do you make a difference in Australia? How about a special edition flavour?

Personalised tubs sent to politicians urging them to move away from fossil fuels in favour of renewables

The new flavour was a hit in media and on social, well with most people.
(PR by the Bravery)

But that’s not all.

We also did some research.
It turns out young people are more likely to vote climate, but less likely to be enrolled to vote. So we teamed up with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and offered free ice creams to uni students at O-Weeks around the country.

Students check to see if they’re enrolled and if they aren’t,
they enrol in 30 seconds…

…then get their free scoop

We spread the word online

And met students with a big smile…

In 6 days we checked 6,000+ enrolments and got 1,000+ new young voters enrolled


enrolments checked


new climate voters

10 mil

media and social reach


new Ben & Jerry's lovers

All of this helped lead to record levels of enrolment, which is good for the climate movement…

And good for Ben & Jerry’s too

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