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We care a lot, but about what?

We asked 2,000 Australians to tell us about the social and environmental issues that matter most to them. We then looked at the actions we’re taking to improve them…and what we want from the brands and companies we buy from.

Read on for a sneak peek of what we found.

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Unprompted, global warming is the #1 thing people call out as their biggest social or environmental concern.

COVID-19 comes a close second.

When we take COVID out of the picture and ask people to choose from a list of 20 social and environmental issues,

they are most concerned about:

Concerns are consistent across generations, with a couple of exceptions:

Who’s going to do something about all this?

We are.

We expect brands to act, too.



of us say brands and products should support causes or make changes to their products that address social and environmental issues



say they purchased a product (at least in part) within the last month because they thought it would help solve a social or environmental issue

So what are we buying better?

Takeaway in a box that I was able to put in the recycling instead of plastic which sits in a landfill for years

Fruit/veg that would otherwise have not be sold due to it not looking “pretty”

Took out house & contents insurance and by doing so, the company has pledged to plant a tree

I bought one of the reusable plastic/container lids that replace the traditional glad wrap

Peanut butter made from all Australian grown produce and made by a small Australian family owned manufacturer

Clothing made from recycled materials

Changed my brand of juice to Aussie owned – it’s something

A Keep Cup for coffee

I purchased cruelty free skin care where part of the money went to RSPCA

House products from recycled plastic

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