What do customers care about? Supermarkets.

by Ben Peacock

Marketers often say that ‘green doesn’t sell’. But what if it’s just that what you’re telling your customer is not quite what they want to hear?

To explore this possibility, here’s report #1 in a series looking at which issues customers talk about – and demand – when it comes to sustainability.

But there’s a twist.

Instead of focus groups where what people say doesn’t always translate into what they do, we’re researching social media to find out which sustainability, social and environmental issues people are most likely to post about – and demand – on social media.

Our first stop is supermarkets. We took a trip down the aisle of the three leading Australian and two leading UK supermarket chains to see what people really want.

The results surprised us.

While the issues are broadly in line with what Nielsen and Roy Morgan tell us about the sector internationally, Australia definitely has a local context.

Single use plastics is #1 issue, which makes sense in a world talking about waste. What’s unexpected is how much bigger an issue it is to Australians than all the other issues.

As you can see, it is spoken about more than twice as much as the other issues we looked at…combined.

Within this, the wrapping of fresh produce in plastic – as well as plastic bags used for home delivery – are the hot topics of conversation – partly because people know alternative options exist.

Of the other issues, we were surprised how little farmers and drought came up, given Australia is currently in the midst of one of the worst droughts on record.

And there’s plenty more. Interested? Download the report free, here: