Making the City of Parramatta the coolest place in the West

A really hot day can stop people getting out and about. And cause health emergencies too. But what are people to do when the mercury hits those highs?

We work with City of Parramatta to help make Parramatta the coolest place in the west.

What's included:

  • Campaign concept
  • Collateral design
  • Website design
  • Business Outreach

Keep it cool

Cool Parramatta gives people easy and rewarding ways to keep cool during summer.

Cool Businesses

By working with local businesses, we promote ‘cool offers’ via digital channels when temperatures reach over 35ºC. The business community helps spread the word. Residents get cool offers. Win win all round.

The Cool Parramatta EDMs alerting residents to cool offers have an open rate of over 35%.

Cool offers

More than 50 ‘cool offers’ for redemption on really hot days.

Event activation

Cool Parramatta custom-built cool cycle which gives away ice creams, hats and water bottles at events.

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