A majority of Australians support the LGBTIQ+ community.

But because most of us consider ourselves ’silent supporters’, the loudest voices often come from the negative minority. How do you encourage everyone to speak up and help make love louder?

We put a call out asking LGBTIQ+ friends and allies to send their messages of love and support

We turned people’s messages into billboards in the lead up to Mardi Gras to show the community how supported they are

We teamed up with influential Australian street artist and long-time supporter of the LGBTIQ+ community, Scott Marsh to create a larger-than-life tribute to some of the stars of the campaign

Love letters were collected at Mardi Gras events and themed venues around Australia

Credit to 360 Revolution for their amazing work on the billboards


messages of support


media and social reach

Social played a huge role, encouraging sharing and inspiring others to get involved.

Media too, in collaboration with our sister agency, the Bravery

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