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Beat the Bottle

Helping keep plastic pollution out of waterways

We helped Sydney Water tackle the issue of bottled water by connecting people with the impact of plastic waste on our waterways and beaches. After all when you see the problem, then help pick it up, you rethink buying the plastic to begin with.

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Volunteers were invited to enjoy the beats of local DJs, while cleaning up plastic pollution from two popular beaches where we launched the initiative. And, up and coming Sydney musicians created the track ‘Come Clean’ just for the event. The volunteers then received a limited edition vinyl, made of recycled marine debris, pressed on the spot with the track.

No more plastic bottles

All community participants received a stainless steel, insulated water bottle to recognise their efforts and encourage them to think twice about buying bottled water in future.

Launch Events in Manly Cove & North Wollongong




clean-up participants


tonnes of plastics collected

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