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You eat kale, ride a bike and buy organics. But where’s the green life in that green lifestyle? Plant Life Balance uses health, wellbeing and fashion to make greening your home an essential part of any green lifestyle

We worked with RMIT University to create brand new research on the health and wellbeing benefits of trees and plants. Then we created an app and campaign to help you give your home a brand new healthy look. It won some awards and sold a lot of plants.

Following this success, we built a community around the app’s health, wellbeing and aesthetic benefits – a blog and email newsletter we call the Plant Life Balance Journal.

Just like the app, the journal bridges the gap between online and real life with ‘Plant Tales’ events held in Sydney and Melbourne where the public heard from local experts, meet other plant lovers and sample craft botanical products. Both events sold out and more to come.

We also expanded the Plant Life Balance app’s signature range of looks with fresh new styles.


Webby Awards


organic post reach


social media followers


app downloads

Online content aplenty

Growing the plant prowess of our user community through insightful articles, promoted via eDM newsletter and social. Plus, we added four new looks with supporting content to deepen the app’s roots.

Social engagement & growth

Plant Life Balance enjoyed a social engagement rate of 6% on both Instagram and Facebook, compared to the average of 1.6% across all industries. The monthly average organic reach across social is 211,000 on Instagram and over 700,000 on Facebook.

Sold out events

Sharing the love at events in Sydney and Melbourne through a combination of influencer talks, hands-on workshops and botanical cocktails.

Retail sales kits and training

In-store nursery kits help retailers sell more plants. An education series updates them on the latest science as to why plants improve your health and happiness.

Plant Life balance has raised awareness for the health and wellbeing benefits of plants by generating conversation in over 500 national and international media outlets as well as reaching over 50million people.

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